Farewell Data Entry

Colour your world with what brings you joy - data entry farewell

Colour Your World With What Brings You Joy!

Farewell Data Entry

When I started Copperhaze Productions, I thought the best option was to offer as many services as possible. Including the services, such as Data Entry, that I was desperate to get away from for good!


How did this work out for me in 2018?

In short, it didn’t.

Offering a diverse range of services and skills can broaden your client reach. If you offer services that you don’t enjoy you will be left feeling unfocused, stifled and confused.


What did I learn from my mistakes?

I’ve learned that it is important to know what services you want to offer clients. You need to know which services will bring you joy and allow for creativity.

By focusing on these services, you will be more motivated and inspired to promote your business. Your focus will be in the right place, and your passion will show through to your audience (and potential clients).

To keep myself focused on what is important, I plan to promote one service per week.


What will I change this year?

With every success, there is also a failure. We start the week with an idea of what worked and what didn’t work and adjust accordingly.

Last year I focused on promoting my Virtual Assistant services.

My goal with Copperhaze Productions was always to become an outlet for creativity and allow me to write. By focusing on Virtual Assistant services instead of writing, I was falling into the trap of doing what came easily. Data Entry.

I have to remind myself that I worked extremely hard to achieve my Bachelor of Arts in Internet Communications. A degree I completed to allow myself the freedom to be creative.


Some changes are about to happen, to keep my focus on what colours my world and inspires me to keep going forward.

By the end of February, I will be shifting my focus and services away from Virtual Assistance.


What does this mean?

Unfortunately, for now, I will be removing my remote Data Entry services from the 28th of February 2019.

Over my working life, I have entered more data that I dare to think about (cheers to my fast typing). It’s time to allow myself to get creative.


If you head over to Facebook or Instagram, you will find a discount code in the most recent post.

This code will give you a farewell discount rate for my remote Data Entry services.


Get in quick! Once the 28th of February arrives, I will be closing the Data Entry/Virtual Assistance service.


Moving forward

I’m excited to see where this new creative focus takes me on my business journey.

Copperhaze Productions is ready for a colourful, magical and inspiring 2019!

Let’s get creative!



(C0 Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash)