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At Copperhaze Productions we want to take the stress and frustration out of creating and managing your online presence. We want to bring back the joy that creative online contact can provide our clients and their customers.

Alas, there are some mundane and less fun details that need to be addressed before we get to the fun part. The dreaded and ever present Terms and Conditions as well as Terms of Service (Privacy Policy). Don't run for hills just yet ... we will keep it short and you can contact us any time at info@copperhazeproductions.com.au if you would like anything explained in further or lighter detail.

OK, grab a biscuit and lets get through it together!

By accessing and using the content on www.copperhazeproductions.com.au you are agreeing to the terms set out in our Privacy Policy and the below Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service. If you do not agree with any of the three documents please stop using this website and its contents immediately.

By accessing this website you agree to adhere to a code of conduct that includes but is not limited to: visitors and clients will not use offensive language, harass, bully or troll other site users or any staff member affiliated with Copperhaze Productions. Any individual or company seen to break this code of conduct will be removed from using this site and possibly have their contract cancelled.

Copperhaze Productions, www.copperhazeproductions.com.au, is an informational website only. The information and services are as accurate as possible, however, mistakes may be made from time to time.

Copperhaze Productions is currently taking on clients located within Australia and New Zealand. All care is taken to adhere to both Australian and New Zealand tax, financial and legal requirements.

The information contained in this website is for prospective clients and current clients of services provided by Copperhaze Productions. These include but are not limited to CMS website development, creation and content management; internet communications consultancy; social media content creation; proofreading; and virtual assistance services. At this time Copperhaze Productions the website does not provide services or e-commerce through its website.

Copperhaze Productions is not liable for any external disruption, loss of income or attack to a completed website or project.

An initial inquiry or email regarding products and services is NOT an agreement of service. Service will be provided once contracts have been agreed to and signed.

Testimonials may not reflect the service or product you purchase. Testimonials are published as a guide only.

Pricing and services may be subject to change at any given time. Copperhaze Productions reserves the right to change pricing without any given notice. However, we will attempt to provide the most up to date information as quickly as possible.

Copperhaze Productions adheres to copyright law and best business practices. Under no circumstances will Copperhaze Productions, Stacey O'Carroll, or any future staff members assistant in the infringement of Copyright Law or other Australian and International laws.

Copperhaze Productions, and Stacey O'Carroll, reserve the right to refuse service for any reason without notice. However, once contracts have been issued and signed both parties will be liable to adhere to the notice and terms stated in the contract.

Copperhaze Productions, and Stacey O'Carroll, reserve the right to filter any projects and content for any breach of Australian and International law, harmful content or breach of company ethics.

See, that wasn't too bad! Phew! Now you have got through the nitty gritty we can start creating internet magic.

For full terms of service please see your quote/contract. For more information please email or contact info@copperhazeproductions.com.au

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